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Tribute to Bob Jack's Sheet Metal LTD.

We, Shield Mechanical and Guest Controls, are honoured to share a little history with you.In May 2020 we became the proud new owners of Bob Jack’s' Sheet Metal LTD. Not only do we have a personal past with the business but Bob Jack's reputation for committed customer service and quality craftsmanship is something we wanted to continue. Our President, Fred, shares, "I was very fortunate as a young adult to be employed by both Mr Roy Noble and Mr Bob Jack Sr.  not only did it give me a familiarity with the industry but also gave me many years around two very well known people in the area who were well known for their work behind the scenes in the community but also the way they conducted themselves in the business community.  I would like to think that although at that age it may not have seemed to sink in.  As you grow older you becomes more appreciative of the positive people around you and how they carry themselves." While Guest Controls is very proud of its roots in oil and gas and very confident in the future of the industry, continuing the legacy of Bob Jack's was an opportunity for the future we couldn't ignore. We are passionate about people and doing great work. Our hope is that when it comes to our services you know that our family is ready to serve yours. 

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